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Polymers - Calling for articles and reviews

Dear Colleagues,

Polymeric biomaterials and their chemical structures play key roles in biological systems by providing support, acting as tissue replacements, and facilitating therapy or drug delivery. Accordingly, several techniques for polymer processing have been developed to provide a three- dimensional template for tissue growth and regeneration. 3D printing and stimuli-responsive hydrogels may have an impact in the biomedical field. Meanwhile, biomimetic and intelligent polymeric systems have also been investigated regarding their potential in tissue engineering. Hence, cell– material interactions, the chemical structure of polymers, porous microstructures, and the design of biomaterials are tunable properties that will define the impact of these substances in the biomedical field. We invite authors to submit original research articles as well as review articles to share developments in natural and synthetic polymers for tissue engineering purposes. Of particular interest for this Special Issue are stimuli- responsive hydrogels, biomimetic materials, and hydrogel- based bioinks for use in 3D printing.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 5 June 2022


Rosane M.D. Soares


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